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Our company name speaks for itself, Spankin Stripers, Inc. All our baits are called "Spankers." Gary, the former owner, had proudly created an improved fishing lure. The present creation incorporates a new and different way of combining materials, resulting in a lure that would please every fisherman.

Our product line includes several types of baits. It consists of Baby Spankers, Senior Spankers, Spearhead Spankers and our Hotlips Spankers.

Bringing You Up-to-Date

You may be aware by now that we lost Gary Richie to illness on March 19, 2019. He purposefully passed the business to my father, Tim Brickey, his long time friend and fishing partner who has now passed the business to me.  

It has taken quite awhile to collect, transport, reorganize the inventory, and then set up the equipment for the manufacturing of lures exactly as Gary has done for years. I am proud to maintain the quality products hand produced as has always been done. I think that Gary would be pleased with what I have done.  I know you will continue to enjoy the same quality and care put into each lure as I maintain his tradition. I look forward to doing business with you too.

If you noticed that there are no shows shown that we will be attending, you need to know we have every intention of continuing Spankin Stripers presence at fishing events in the future. My top priority now is the on-going top quality, handmade products.  I will be adding more information as I grow the business.  

New "Rubberbugs now available!

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Even Newer "Glow in the Dark" Rubberbugs now available!  Click Here to order 

Our Newest Jighead Rubberbugs now available!  

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See our Lures in Action !!

Notice how the eyes change from CLEAR to PINK. 

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